1) ADJ: ADJ n, ADJ after v, v-link ADJ Someone who is naked is not wearing any clothes.
See also stark naked

Her naked body was found wrapped in a sheet in a field...

The hot paving stones scorched my naked feet...

They stripped me naked...

He stood naked in front of me.

Derived words:
nakedness N-UNCOUNT oft poss N

He had pulled the blanket over his body to hide his nakedness.

2) ADJ If an animal or part of an animal is naked, it has no fur or feathers on it.

The nest contained eight little mice that were naked and blind.

3) ADJ: ADJ after v, v-link ADJ, ADJ n If you say that someone is naked or feels naked, you mean they are powerless or have no way of protecting themselves.

If the reports are accurate, the deal leaves the authorities and the President virtually naked.

...Bevan's appeal against going `naked into the conference chamber'.

4) ADJ: usu ADJ n You can describe an object as naked when it does not have its normal covering.

...a naked bulb dangling in a bare room...

The water was heated by a naked gas flame.

5) ADJ: ADJ n Naked emotions are easy to recognize, because they are very strongly felt. [WRITTEN]

The naked hatred in the woman's face shocked me...

There had been naked misery in her voice when she'd spoken about the letter.

Derived words:
nakedly ADV-GRADED

She was embarrassed at showing her fear so nakedly.

6) ADJ: ADJ n You can use naked to describe unpleasant or violent actions and behaviour which are not disguised or hidden in any way. [JOURNALISM]

Naked aggression and an attempt to change frontiers by force could not go unchallenged.

...violence and the naked pursuit of power.

...naked greed.

7) PHRASE: usu to/with/by PHR If you say that something cannot be seen by the naked eye, you mean that it cannot be seen without the help of equipment such as a telescope or microscope.

The worms cannot be seen by the naked eye...

The planet Mars will be visible to the naked eye all week...

There's so much going on that you can't see with the naked eye.

English dictionary. 2008.

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